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Down Payment Assistance

The government is using its own funds to cover your down payment and closing costs. Find Out More

Homes for Heroes

NO Lender Fees (A $1,590 Savings!)

The is available to Military Personnel & Surviving Spouses. Call (239) 333-4684 to find out more. 

If you're a Veteran or serving you’re entitled to all the advantages of a VA loan.

There are tons of benefits to using your VA Loan privileges

  • >>   100% financing for qualified Veterans
  • >>   No monthly mortgage insurance
  • >>   Excellent Rates
  • >>   More lenient credit guidelines available for veterans

Types of properties

  • >>   Single family homes (non-connected)
  • >>   Two- to Four-unit homes
  • >>   Attached townhouses (VA approved projects only)
  • >>   Condominiums (VA approved projects only)
  • >>   Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes (provided the home comes with land, is permanently affixed, and the structure is at least 20 feet wide and 700 square feet if a double-wide.)
  • >>   In some cases, you can buy land or a home in need of repairs, with the intent of constructing or repairing the home.

VA Eligibility Service Requirements

  • >>   90 days in wartime while in active duty
  • >>   181 days in peacetime while in active duty
  • >>   2 years or the full time called if enlisted after 9/7/1980
  • >>  You were separated from service due to a service-connected disability
  • >>  You are an unmarried surviving spouse of a service member who was KIA/POW/MIA.
Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Contact us for complete program details.

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