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Getting A Mortgage

Applying online with Community Lending is quick & easy. All you have to do is answer a few simple question, give us some information about your credit history & we will give you an pre-approval so you can go shopping!

The Mortgage Process


Figure out what loan is right for you

  • >>    Talk with qualified Mortgage Specialist and discuss your goals for homeownership
  • >>    Determine your property type (Condo, Single Family, Townhome)
  • >>    Map out your timeline (How soon would you like to move?)


Get Pre-Approved

  • >>    Before you set off  to find your dream home, let us submit your information and application to provide you with a commitment letter or pre-approval letter that will strengthen your purchasing power!
  • >>    Let’s talk about your employment history and income
  • >>    Where have you lived, paid rent…etc.
  • >>    Assets and Debts
  • >>    How much do you want to  contribute towards your down payment and closing costs?
  • >>    Collect all of your documents we’ll need to get your application processed
  • >>    Analyze paperwork and credit report



  • >>    Documents are sent to a loan processor for verification
  • >>    Employment is verified
  • >>    Appraisal ordered
  • >>    Title searched


You're Home!

  • >>    All parties now meet with the closing agent to sign all mortgage related documents
  • >>    The closing agent will discuss each page of the document and the details of what you are signing
  • >>    Forms are notarized
  • >>    Lender releases funds to seller
  • >>    Welcome home!

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Why Community Lending ?

Our clients deserve our best efforts as well as our respect and courtesy. It is our goal to provide the best customer experience in the industry. We work towards that goal by treating clients honestly, fairly, answering questions as rapidly and thoroughly as possible, and learning the exact needs of our individual clients. With our dedication, comes our commitment which we are proud to stand behind.

Our Mission